1. You said your plants "look real", how REAL do they look?
As a long time seller in the industry, our flowers, trees and plants look real that leave most of our customers satisfied. However, we cannot guarantee that you will see of our products as they do, because they are indeed "artificial". If you are not sure, we suggest you purchase one, and if you do not like it, simply return it. We will refund the merchandise cost, but we do not refund the shipping charges both ways (sending and returning).
2.Are these plants really made of SILK?
"Artificial Silk Plants" is a general term and industry standard used to refer to all artificial trees and plants regardless of  the materials that they were made of. Most artificial trees and plants are made of top quality synthetic materials such as plastic, polyester.. etc., yet some of our products do contain 100% natural wood or fiber (exp. bamboo or coconut fiber).  Please read our description carefully before you place your order, we will clearly state the material these plants are made of in our description. 
3.Can your plants be placed outdoors? Will sunlight and rain ruin my plants?
Although the plants CAN be used as outdoor decoration, it is not advised to hang or leave the flowers, trees, and bushes in direct sunlight. Most of our products are made out of plastic and polyester, so they will eventually fade like any other fabric when left out in the sun. They do last longer if put under the shade. Please note: there is no warranty on flowers, trees, plants and bushes placed outdoors in case of extreme weather (high wind, heavy moisture, constant direct sunlight, etc.).
4.Is the pot or basket shown included?
Pots, baskets, moss, vases and marbles seen in the pictures are for demonstration purpose only, they are not included in the shipment unless otherwise indicated in the listing.
5.Are the pictures taken from actual plants?
Yes. All the pictures of our products are taken personally by our in-house photographer, they are real pictures of actual plants. We are trying our best to show you the real condition of our products. However, the colors may be slightly different depending on different monitor settings.
6.How many flower / hanging bushes do I need to buy to achieve a full, bushy look?
The number of bushes you need to fill the basket varies depending on the size of the bushes, and the size and style of the container you are using. It usually takes more bushes to fill an all-around basket/container to achieve a full, bushy look than a wall basket. Generally speaking (just to give you an idea), one bush will fill up a wall basket with a width around 10" relatively well, and it takes 2-3 bushes to fill up the all-around basket with a size of 11" in diameter. If you want to make your decoration even fuller and bushier, you can always add one more.
7.Are there instructions on assembling, potting or shaping of the trees, plants and flowers?
Instruction on Assembling, Potting or Shaping is available online at the bottom of our website, you may come in to read, download or print anytime you want.
8.Will I receive instructions in the shipment?
Printed instructions are ONLY available upon request prior to ship. Please contact us immediately after you make your payment for the instructions to be included in the shipment if you are convinced that you need to have it in print format.
10.Do you ship to overseas?
Yes. We ship most of our items worldwide except all In-Pot trees and plants taller than 7'. Shipping fees may vary, so please contact us for a shipping quote prior to bid or purchase. For a more precise shipping quote, please provide your country, postal code and the list of the items you are interested in. A complete address would be advised for a more accurate quote.
11.Do you do combine shipping?
Yes, we do combine shipping on most of our products, some are just too large to be combine shipped. We'll always try to combine ship your orders as long as your later orders are received prior to shipment of your earlier orders, and to be shipped to the same address.
12.I live in Southern California, can I come and pick up my items?
Yes. You are very welcome to pick up your items in person. If you prefer a local pick up, please let us know before you make the payment, we'll send you the invoice with the shipping fees deducted. You'll get another email confirming the receipt of the payment later along with your pick up address and instruction.
13.When is my item going to be shipped? How long will I receive it?
Our promised processing time for each order is 5 business days.Usually, your items will be shipped out in 1 - 2 business days most of the time upon receiving of your fund. You may expect to receive it in 5 business days from then.
14.Which carrier do you use to ship my items?
We ship our products via USPS, or FedEx. depending on delivery area and size of the products.