Privacy & Security

Arcadia Silk’s Privacy Policy and Security:
All information gathered on our website is used for internal purposes only. The personal information you share with us is used for processing orders, customer service and to notify you, the customer, of changes to your order if applicable. In this policy, "personal information" means any information that is listed on your order details which will include but is not limited to, your name (first and last), address (street, city, state and zip), email address, and telephone number. We do not sell, distribute or share any information to an outside party.
We care about your security.
Arcadia Silk Plantation’s checkout process is provided by (Nasdaq:PYPL). PayPal was founded in 1998 and is a highly trusted and used method of digital payment. Below is a copy of PayPal’s security description and what they do to protect you, the user:
At PayPal (Nasdaq:PYPL), we put people at the center of everything we do.
On your computer
When you register or log in to PayPal, we confirm that your browser is running TLS 1.0 or higher, which secures the communication from your browser to
When information is in transit
All of your information is protected by SSL, which ensures that your information is encrypted and can’t be stolen when it's sent across the internet.
On our website servers
Your personal information is stored on our servers and heavily guarded – both physically and electronically. And to give your credit card and bank numbers an extra layer of security, we don’t directly connect our firewall-protected servers to the internet.

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